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… that the machine housing of wind turbines can be as large as a single-family home? We have gathered some astonishing facts on the wind energy industry.

By Beatrix Fontius

  • The world's most powerful single offshore wind turbine with a capacity of 8.8 MW was installed in April 2018 in Aberdeen Bay. Is it the first time that an 8.8 MW model has been deployed commercially in the offshore wind industry, and the turbine is the first of eleven to be deployed at the demonstration facility. The turbine has a tip height of 191 metres, each blade is 80 meters long and the rotor diameter is 164 meters.
  • The world's largest offshore wind park was completed in April 2018 in the Irish Sea. It comprises 87 offshore wind turbines and has a capacity of 659 MW.
  • The machine housing of an offshore wind turbine can be as large as a single-family-house: 12 x 7 meters.
  • The world's tallest onshore wind turbine was built close to Stuttgart, Germany. It has a hub height of 178 meters and a total height of 246.5 meters. This record-setting height is partly possible thanks to the natural water reservoir built into the turbine. The wind farm is based on a completely new power plant concept, the water battery, which is a technological innovation currently setting new industry standards. For the first time ever, power generation from renewable energy is combined with a modern pumped-storage power plant.

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