FAQ VDMAimpulse


What is VDMAimpulse?

VDMAimpulse is an international online magazine addressing the mechanical engineering and machine manufacturing industry. VDMAimpulse will be published every other month on or around the last Wednesday in January, March, May, July, September and November. 


How to subscribe?

You already have access to the magazine if you have a my.VDMA account. If you want to receive an E-Mail every time the new issue of the magazine is published, please contact the editorial office
Your employer or your parent company needs to be a VDMA member if you do not have a my.VDMA account but would like to read the magazine. For magazine access and newsletter subscription, please register here.


How to contact VDMAimpulse? 

If you have questions about the magazine, please do not hesitate to send an E-Mail to


What can I do if the login does not work?

If you are unable to log in or if you encounter other technical problems, please do not hesitate to send an E-Mail to VDMAimpulse@VDMA.org.

Why is the access to VDMAimpulse restricted?

Since VDMAimpulse is for VDMA members only, access is exclusively for employees of VDMA members and affiliated companies.


How often is VDMAimpulse published, and when? 

VDMAimpulse is published bimonthly (six times per year). The date of publication is on or around the last Wednesday in January, March, May, July, September and November.


What or who is the VDMA? 

VDMA is the German Engineering Association. The letters VDMA stand for "Verband Deutscher Maschinen- und Anlagenbau". VDMA is the largest industry association in Europe and represents more than 3,100 companies in the capital goods industry. VDMA represents the shared financial, technical and scientific interests of the mechanical engineering industry, especially with respect to national and international authorities and business groups. For the purposes of safeguarding their interests, members are entitled to instruction, advice and assistance. Receive more information on VDMA here.


Can I use articles and content from VDMAimpulse for my own purposes? 

Headlines and teasers can be used and published on your website. You can also share content via the various social media sites. But please keep in mind that access to VDMAimpulse content is restricted.

If you decide to use headlines and/or teasers, please also include the link to the complete VDMAimpulse issue on VDMAimpulse.org and state that VDMAimpulse is the source of the material.

We cannot permit complete articles/videos/contents of our website to be published on third-party websites, even if VDMAimpulse is indicated as the source.

Please inform us if you want to publish one of our teasers on your website.
Should you be interested in publishing specific content, please write to VDMAimpulse@VDMA.org. VDMAimpulse will then process your request on a case-by-case basis.